Day-1 BIO Unit-1 UHS Topic 1 (The Cell)
Day-2 PHY Unit-1 UHS Topic 1 (Measurements)
Day-3 CHE Unit-1 UHS Topic 1 (fundamental concepts)
Day-4 ENG Test-1 Conjunctions and Combinations
Day-5 BIO Unit-2 UHS Topic 2 (Bio Molecules)
Day-6 PHY Unit-2 UHS Topic 2 (Motion and Force)
Day-7 CHE Unit-2 UHS Topic 2 (States of Matter)
Day-8 ENG Test-2 Agreement Mistakes
Day-9 BIO Unit-3 UHS Topic 3, 4 & 5 (Chromosomes & DNA, Cell Division, Variety of Life)
Day-10 PHY Unit-3 UHS Topic 3, 4 (Work, Energy & Power | Circular Motion)
Day-11 CHE Unit-3 UHS Topic 3, 4 (Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding)
Day-12 ENG Test-3 Verbs
Day-13 BIO Unit-4 UHS Topic 6 (Bio Energetics)
Day-14 PHY Unit-4 UHS Topic 5, 6 (Oscillations | Waves)
Day-15 CHE Unit-4 UHS Topic 5, 6 (Chemical energetics, Electrochemistry)
Day-16 ENG Test-4 Adjectives, Adverbs, Modifiers
Day-17 BIO Cumulative Test-1 Unit 1+2+3 (UHS topic 1-6)
Day-18 PHY Cumulative Test-1 Unit 1+2+3 (UHS topic 1-6)
Day-19 CHE Cumulative Test-1 Unit 1+2+3 (UHS topic 1-6)
Day-20 ENG Cumulative Test-1 Conjunctions and Combinations, Agreement Mistakes, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Modifiers
Day-21 BIO Unit-5 UHS Topic 7, 8 & 9 (Gas Exchange, Transport in Plants, Transport in Human)
Day-22 PHY Unit-5 UHS Topic 7, 8 (Light | Heat & Thermodynamics)
Day-23 CHE Unit-5 UHS Topic 7, 8 (Chemical Equilibrium, Reaction Kinetics)
Day-24 ENG Test-5 Articles, Punctuation, Comma splice
Day-25 BIO Unit-6 UHS Topic 10, 11 & 12 (Immunity, Homeostasis, Muscules and Movement)
Day-26 PHY Unit-6 UHS Topic 9 (Electrostatics)
Day-27 CHE Unit-6 UHS Topics 1, 2 ,3 (Periods, Groups, Compounds of Nitrogen and Sulfur)
Day-28 ENG Test-6 Parallel Structure, Doubling, Redundancy, Collocation, Fragment, Run on
Day-29 BIO Unit-7 UHS Topic 13 & 14 (Communication & Reproduction)
Day-30 PHY Unit-7 UHS Topic 10 (Current Electricity)
Day-31 CHE Unit-7 UHS Topic 4, 8, 9 (Macromolecules, Transition Elements, Environmental Chemistry)
Day-32 ENG Test-7 Prepositions
Day-33 BIO Cumulative Test-2 Unit 4+5+6 (UHS topic 7-12)
Day-34 PHY Cumulative Test-2 Unit 4+5 (UHS topic 5-8)
Day-35 CHE Cumulative Test-2 Unit 4+5 (UHS topic 5-8)
Day-36 ENG  Test-8  Pronouns and Nouns
Day-37 BIO Unit-8 UHS Topic 15 (Genetics)
Day-38 PHY Unit-8 UHS Topic 11, 12 (Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction)
Day-39 CHE Unit-8 UHS Topic 1, 2 (Fundamental principles, Hydrocarbons)
Day-40 ENG Test-9 Vocabulary 1-50
Day-41 BIO Unit-9 UHS Topic 16 & 17 (Biotechnology, Evolution)
Day-42 PHY Unit-9 UHS Topic 13, 14 (Deformation of Solids | Electronics)
Day-43 CHE Unit-9 UHS Topic 3, 4 (Alkyl Halides, Alcohol and Phenol)
Day-44 ENG Test-10 Vocabulary 51-100
Day-45 BIO Cumulative Test-3 Unit 1-5 (UHS Topic 1-9)
Day-46 PHY Cumulative Test-3 Unit 1-5 (UHS Topic 1-8)
Day-47 CHE Cumulative Test-3 Unit 1-5 (UHS Topic 1-8)
Day-48 ENG Cumulative Test-2 Articles, Punctuation, Comma splice, Parallel structure, Doubling, Redundancy, Collocation, Fragment, Run on, Prepositions, Pronouns and Nouns.
Day-49 PHY Unit-10 UHS Topic 15, 16 (Modern Physics | Nuclear Physics)
Day-50 CHE Unit-10 UHS Topic 5, 6, 7 (Aldehyde and Ketones, Carboxylic Acids, Amino Acids)
Day-51 ENG Test-11 Vocabulary 101-150
Day-52 BIO Cumulative Test-4 Unit 7+8+9 (UHS Topic 13-17)
Day-53 PHY Cumulative Test-4 Unit 6+7+8 (UHS Topic 9-12)
Day-54 CHE Cumulative Test-4 Unit 6+7
Day-55 ENG Cumulative Test-3 Vocabulary 1-100
Day-56 BIO Cumulative Test-5 Unit 6-9 (UHS Topic 10-17)
Day-57 PHY Cumulative Test-5 Unit 9+10 (UHS Topic 13-16)
Day-58 CHE Cumulative Test-5 Unit 8+9+10
Day-59 ENG Cumulative Test-4 Vocabulary 150-200
Day-60 PHY Cumulative Test-6 Unit 6-10 (UHS Topic 9-16)
Day-61 CHE Cumulative Test-6 Unit 6-10
Day-62 ENG Cumulative Test-5  Vocabulary 1-200
Day-63 E+ Series Test-1 Unit 1 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-64 E+ Series Test-2 Unit 2 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-65 E+ Series Test-3 Unit 3 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-66 E+ Series Test-4 Unit 4 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-67 E+ Series Test-5 Unit 5 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-68 E+ Series Test-6 Unit 6 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-69 E+ Series Test-7 Unit 7 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-70 E+ Series Test-8 Unit 8 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-71 E+ Series Test-9 Unit 9 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-72 E+ Series Test-10 Unit 10 PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-73 E+ Series Test-11 Cumulative-1 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-74 E+ Series Test-12 Cumulative-2 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-75 E+ Series Test-13 Cumulative-3 BIO, PHY, CHE & ENG
Day-76 Pre MDCAT FLP-1  
Day-77 Pre MDCAT FLP-2  
Day-78 Pre MDCAT FLP-3  
Day-79 Pre MDCAT FLP-4  
Day-80 Pre MDCAT FLP-5